Man wearing a Concha Sol™️ Hearing Aid while he plays a guitar sitting in his living room
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We’re on a mission to help billions of people hear clearly, live freely

Our OTC Concha Sol™ Hearing Aids are nearly invisible but can make a big impact on your life

Weighing only 0.2 ounces and available in four colors: black, nougat, beige, and gray. Concha Sol Hearing Aids

We know how frustrating it can be to find a hearing solution that actually works for your hearing loss

After several copays and appointments that lead to minimal results, treating your hearing loss can feel like a waste of time and money. We’ve experienced this exhausting process ourselves and knew that we had to change it. 

Before starting Concha Labs, we asked hundreds of people why they felt dissatisfied with their hearing solution, and the data pointed to one critical problem: the lack of personalization. With this information, we felt empowered to create our own hearing personalization technology, which is how Soundscope® was born.

What makes Concha Sol™ Hearing Aids different?

You can personalize your hearing settings yourself, right from your iPhone.

  • The soundscope logo shown on an iPhone screen with yellow sound waves above it Using our Concha Labs App, you will have access to Soundscope®, our patented hearing personalization technology. It will help you adjust the settings of your Concha Sol™ Hearing Aids.
  • Hands using the Concha Labs App Soundscope® will guide you through a series of sound prompts. You will provide feedback on how loud and clear each one sounds. Then, Soundscope® will use your hearing preferences to create optimized sound profiles.
  • The back of a woman with dark hair in a yellow shirt pointing to the black Concha Sol™️ Hearing Aid she's wearing You can continue to personalize your hearing experience by creating different sound profiles for different environments, like workspaces or restaurants. This will give you the power to hear clearly, live freely.
Try us risk-free for 60 days. We’ll pay to ship it back if you aren’t satisfied.

Built for users, by users

Concha Labs was founded by our CEO Amy Li, who's worn hearing aids since kindergarten. Our mission is to help over 1.5 billion people¹ with hearing loss hear clearly. Many of our team members also have hearing loss or know someone close to them experiencing it. We are building a product to help you, and to help ourselves. Watch Amy's video to learn more.
Girl reading while wearing Concha Sol Hearing Aids

Who can purchase Concha Sol™ Hearing Aids? 

Since Concha Sol™ Hearing Aids are classified as over-the-counter (OTC), they can be purchased without a prescription or medical appointment. OTC hearing aids are recommended for adults (18+) who have mild-to-moderate hearing loss. 

Concha Sol™ Hearing Aids can be conveniently purchased on our website and are coming soon to select retail stores. 

Ready to hear clearly without the need for appointments? Try us risk-free for 60 days.

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