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Meet Soundscope®

Soundscope® is our patented hearing personalization technology that helps you create optimized sound profiles on your iPhone.
Person wearing hearing aids and reading

Hearing is a basic human sense, and we forget how complex it is until we’re left to wonder why it’s not working. There are so many parameters to consider when it comes to hearing personalization—input, frequencies, and amplification to name a few. Soundscope® takes these complexities into account to personalize your hearing aids for you.

How does Soundscope® work?

Soundscope® gathers information about your hearing loss. First, Soundscope® will ask you to provide feedback about sound level and clarity. The questions start with simple sounds and progress to life-like sounds and speech. As you answer these, Soundscope® uses your responses to analyze how you hear. At the end, Soundscope® uses this data to create an optimized sound profile to help you hear clearly.

To take Soundscope®:
  1. Download the Concha Labs App on your iPhone.
  2. Pair your Concha Sol™ Hearing Aids and create an account.
  3. Make sure you are in a quiet environment with no distractions to hear the prompts clearly.
  4. Answer the questions as best you can.
  5. Try your new optimized sound profile!
  6. Take Soundscope® as many times as you need to create more profiles.
Soundscope on the App on the Phone

Soundscope® is currently available through the Concha Labs App on iOS and can only be used with our Concha Sol™ Hearing Aids.

What makes Soundscope® different?

  • Reduces the need for in-person appointments, saving you time and money for co-pays and other in-clinic expenses
  • Uses a self-fitting model to create sound profiles that are personalized to you and specifically focuses on helping you improve speech understanding
  • Automatically adjusts your devices to amplify sound in the frequency ranges where you might struggle the most
  • Compares speech samples side by side so you can decide which one sounds better
  • Allows you to create and save unlimited sound profiles through the Concha Labs app

Are you ready to hear clearly, live freely?

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