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Our AI-enabled Soundscope™ technology gives you the power to personalize your hearing profile at home.
Personalize your hearing anywhere, right from your phone
  • Phone with Soundscope Test our hearing product for free Experience Soundscope, our patented technology that allows you to adjust your hearing preferences to your environment.
  • Hearing pod packaging Receive your hearing pods via mail Your order will include your hearing pods, extra parts, and a virtual walkthrough to easily start personalizing your hearing pods.
  • Person wearing hearing pods Hear clearly! Look forward to engaging in rich conversation, hearing an array of sounds, and experiencing the rich sounds of your life the way you want to.
Phone with app and pods

Our AI-informed technology

Nearly invisible hearing pods Weighing only at .2 ounces for a pair, our cutting-edge hearing pods are made of high grade metal and acrylic, with soft silicone ear tips. Personalize your hearing With our app, you can personalize your hearing by creating multiple sound profiles anywhere, straight from your iPhone.

Apply for our Beta group!

We’re looking for feedback from users like you to ensure we’re building an amazing solution. If you’re selected, you’ll receive a pair of our premium hearing pods at a steep discount.

Customize your hearing, from sounds to pods

Our low-profile hearing pods come in four different colors and are designed to blend with your hair color or skin tone. Hearing Pod Colors, Brown, Beige, Gray, Black
Quote symbol We believe in hearing and empowering every voice, because everyone deserves to hear clearly at a fair price.


How do I know if Concha will work for me?

After creating your sound profile with the Soundscope, you will be able to try it immediately to hear how it sounds. If your customized profile is helpful, then the Concha hearing pods will also likely be helpful. If you don’t experience any audible benefits, then you will likely not experience benefit from our hearing pods.

How will Concha hearing pods affect my hearing?

Our Concha hearing pods could help you hear more clearly. Our Concha hearing pods use some dynamic compressive (nonlinear) gain, which means that quiet conversations and sounds are amplified while loud conversations and sounds are not as amplified. Hearing loss risk comes from both how loud and low long sounds are (loud sounds don’t have to be on for long to cause damage, and medium loud sounds have to be on for longer). We don’t expect any extra change to hearing from the use of Concha hearing pods. You may experience improved or continued mental processing of conversations and sounds. Being able to perceive conversations and have that stimuli encourages our brains to process conversations and speech. Not being able to perceive conversations means that our brains will process less conversation stimuli, and this could lead to our brains losing that processing capability. It’s healthy to be able to perceive conversations and stay engaged.

How do I know that I am getting high-quality devices?

We chose our hearing pods partner based on sound quality, reliability, and ease of use. We tried different hearing pods before we settled on our current partner. We’re proud to be working with a German manufacturer who has been building hearing devices for at least 30 years.

What are ear tips?

The ear tips prevent earwax from reaching and damaging the speakers, and ensure that the speaker is soft and snug in your ears.

When do I need to change my ear tips?

We recommend changing your ear tips if there is ear wax in the ear tip that is hard to remove. Everyone is different, and we’ve all had to learn when it’s time to swap out the old ear tips for new ones. 

Tips from our Concha team members who wear hearing pods: 

  • If you notice that you are unable to hear clearly despite a new battery, it might be time to change your ear tip.
  • If your ear tips are yellow or discolored, have wax build up, are misshapen, or are ripped, change them out.

How do I change my ear tips?

The easiest way to change your ear tips is to hold onto the speaker. Next, imagine that the ear tip is a mushroom (yes, really!). With your fingertips pinch the stem of the mushroom and wiggle the ear tip off the speaker. Discard the used ear tip. 

To put an ear tip on the speaker, line up the base of the ear tip with the speaker, and put the ear tip on the speaker. Ensure that the ear tip is snug by pushing the ear tip firmly onto the speaker. 

A tip from our Concha team members who wear hearing pods: 

  • Once you remove the ear tip, be sure to inspect the wax filter, and change it if needed! The wax filter is easier to see with the ear tip off.

What are wax filters?

Wax filters are tiny inserts with small holes that are designed to prevent the ear wax from entering and damaging the speaker. Wax filters are important because excessive ear wax is one of the leading reasons for hearing pod damage

When do I need to change my wax filters?

Change your wax filters as soon as there is earwax in the wax filter that is hard to remove. Everyone has different amounts of wax in their ear canals, and as you become familiar with your hearing pods and how to care for them, you’ll naturally figure out what the right interval is for you.

A tip from our Concha team members who wear hearing pods: 

  • If you notice that you are unable to hear clearly despite a new battery and new ear tip, it might be time to change your wax filter.

How to change wax filters?

Grab a new wax filter stick—the tapered/pointy side of the stick is used to remove the old wax filter, and the thicker side of the stick contains a new wax filter on it.

Ensure that the ear tip is off. Firmly hold onto the speaker. Insert the pointy side of the stick into the old wax filter. You will notice that the old wax filter attaches to the stick. Pull the stick out of the speaker and immediately discard the old wax filter. 

Rotate the wax filter stick, until you see the thick side of the stick that contains a new wax filter on it. Insert the new wax filter into the speaker. Ensure that the wax filter is flush with the edges and snugly fit in the speaker.

Where can I wear my Concha hearing pods?

You can wear them anywhere, except in water.

How can I contact Concha Labs?

You can email us at or chat with us Monday through Friday.

Battery FAQs

  • Before inserting the battery into the pod, please remove the plastic and let the battery sit for 30 seconds. At Concha Labs we use a size 312 Zinc Air battery.
  • With daily use, batteries can last about a week. To help extend the battery life, please keep the battery door open when pods are not in use.
  • You’ll be able to tell when the battery is running low by a series of beeps. Once the battery dies, you can replace it with a new battery and recycle the old one by taking it to a recycling center. To learn more about discarding batteries, please click here.

What if I need new accessories before my next order?

If you run out of batteries or would like to order new ear tips before your next order is due to ship, please contact us at

Do I need a prescription to purchase Concha hearing pods?

You do not need a prescription to purchase our hearing pods.

What does a membership include?

Membership includes:

  • A pair of hearing devices
  • Replacement parts
  • Adjust anytime, anywhere
  • Unlimited warranty

What is Beta?

If selected for our Beta Group, you will receive:

  • A pair of hearing pods
  • Early access to the Concha Labs app, which includes our AI-informed Soundscope™ technology
  • Adjust anytime, anywhere
  • Unlimited warranty

Why is Concha different?

One of the biggest differences you’ll find with Concha Labs is that our Soundscope technology allows you to manage your hearing preferences from your phone, saving you the time from going to a doctor’s appointment for an adjustment to your hearing pod! By going through Soundscope on our app, you’ll create a hearing profile that’s completely personalized. You can create a sound profile on our Soundscope web app for free to try our product before you purchase it.

With our app, you can adjust your hearing profile and add additional profiles to help you hear clearly in any environment you find yourself in. For example, you might have a profile specifically for going to the movies or concerts that would look completely different from a profile that would be better suited for going to the office!

What is Concha’s return policy?

We accept returns up to 60 days after you’ve received the product. If you need help with your return, please email our care team at We’re happy to help.

Do you offer replacements?

If you need a replacement, please contact us at

What does it mean to be on your waitlist?

When you join our waitlist, you will be the first to know when our product is available.

Basic troubleshooting

If you’re having trouble connecting your pods to your phone, your app crashes, or you get stuck in the onboarding process, please close the app and reopen it. If the problem persists, please try rebooting your pod and turning the Bluetooth off and on again. If you continue to run into issues, please visit our Help Center for further assistance.

It also might be helpful to turn your phone off and on, but if the issues persist, please visit our Help Center for further assistance. You can also contact us at

What happens if my pod breaks or if I lose my pods?

If your pods break or if you lose them, we are happy to send you a new pair. Please reach out to

How long will it take to receive my pods?

We ship with USPS, and tracking is provided within 24hrs of your order.

Once tracking is sent it will usually take between 3-5 business days for your order to arrive.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. At this time, we do not accept FSA or HSA cards.

Can I wear my pods with glasses?

You can wear your pods with glasses, but it’s easier to take them off when putting your pods on.

Can I wear my pods when working out? Are they sweatproof?

Yes, they’re water resistant including sweatproof. This does not mean that you can wear the pods under direct water (i.e., showering, swimming, etc).