Hear Clearly. Live Freely.

Customize how you hear, right from your phone

With our patented Soundscope technology

Hear Clearly. Live freely.

Customize how you hear, right from your phone

With our patented Soundscope technology

Our mission

Helping you hear more clearly

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Helping you hear more clearly

We believe that everyone deserves the right to enjoy the richness in conversations and sounds at a fair price.

This has been our guiding principle from day one, and we strive to uphold it in everything we do. We built Concha Labs based on user interviews and feedback from people like you, and we’re excited to continue on this journey with you, for you.

How it works

step 1

Step 1

Hear how clear conversations
would sound, in just three minutes, using your smartphone & earbuds.

step 2

Step 2

Receive your personalized hearing pods, shipped directly to your door.


Step 3

Continue to optimize your hearing for any situation: meetings, family time, or a video call with friends.


Apply for our Beta group!

We’re looking for feedback from users like you to ensure we’re building an amazing solution. If you’re selected, you’ll receive a pair of our premium hearing pods at a steep discount.


What are people saying about Concha Labs?


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It’s confusing for people to navigate hearing solutions. Traditional solutions are expensive and time consuming, and many online options are of poor quality. Concha Labs has a novel, high-quality, refreshing approach that is able to arrive at individual users’ hearing preferences and be direct to consumers. It’s really hard to do both, and I’m impressed with their approach.


Lead Adult Audiologist, Stanford


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A few years ago I developed hearing loss and struggled greatly with the hearing aids I used. I was told my hearing loss does not fit the profile for standard amplification and the benefit of hearing aids could only be marginal. I just tried your sound profiler. It’s awesome how in the yellow I can hear every word loud and clear. The background noise seems separate from the spoken word and does not interfere with hearing what is said.




Looking for how to get started with your hearing pods or need to trouble shoot?


How do I know if Concha will work for me?

After creating your sound profile with the Soundscope, you will be able to try it immediately to hear how it sounds. If your customized profile is helpful, then the Concha hearing pods will also likely be helpful. If you don’t experience any audible benefits, then you will likely not experience benefit from our hearing pods.

How will my Concha hearables affect my hearing?
Our Concha hearing pods could help you hear more clearly. Our Concha hearing pods use some dynamic compressive (nonlinear) gain, which means that quiet conversations and sounds are amplified while loud conversations and sounds are not as amplified. Hearing loss risk comes from both how loud and low long sounds are (loud sounds don’t have to be on for long to cause damage, and medium loud sounds have to be on for longer). We don’t expect any extra change to hearing from the use of Concha hearables.

You may experience improved or continued mental processing of conversations and sounds. Being able to perceive conversations and have that stimuli encourages our brains to process conversations and speech. Not being able to perceive conversations means that our brains will process less conversation stimuli, and this could lead to our brains losing that processing capability. It’s healthy to be able to perceive conversations and stay engaged.

How do I know that I am getting high-quality devices?

We chose our hearing pods partner based on sound quality, reliability, and ease of use. We tried different hearing pods before we settled on our current partner. We’re proud to be working with a German manufacturer who has been building hearing devices for at least 30 years.

Can I use my Concha hearing pods with the computer and phone?

Our hearing pods need to connect with the Concha smartphone app to customize your sound profile. Currently, the hearing pods cannot be personalized through a computer. In terms of streaming music and phone calls, the hearing pods do have bluetooth streaming capabilities just like wireless earbuds, which should work on both phone and computer just like earbuds.

Are you a hearing aid?

No, we are currently a hearable (personal sound amplification product). We approach hearing in a way that is based on psychoacoustics, improved speech perception, and learnings from hundreds of user interviews. Learn more about our technology.

Ear Wellness

How do I keep my ears clean?

How you choose to keep your ears clean and clear is, in part, a matter of personal choice. In addition, some people have dry earwax, and some have wet earwax, and these may be best handled in different ways. Of course, don’t stick anything sharp or hard in your ear canal, or otherwise put your ears at risk. If you have ear pain or suspect you have an injury or infection, see your doctor. This is not meant to be medical advice!

Here are some of the things our Concha team members who wear hearing pods do:

“I wash my ears every time I shower, plus use a q-tip to gently dry my ears (not too deep in the ear canal).  If my ears are itchy, I use a little rubbing alcohol with q-tip, gently.”

“I wash my ears each day before bed, and use a little bit of oil on the end of a q-tip or a piece of rolled gauze to help keep them in good condition and non-itchy a few times a week. When it’s allergy season, I wash them twice a day, when I brush my teeth, which makes it easy to remember.”

For more ideas on helping keep your ears clean, read “How to Keep Your Ears Clean” 

How often should I clean my ears?

Everyone is different, but most people find that cleaning their ears 4-7 times a week works well. You can do it daily when you wash your face in the morning, or decide to clean them when you bathe. It’s easiest to form a habit when you “anchor” it to something you’re already doing regularly, like brushing your teeth, washing your face or showering.

Is cleaning my ears really that important?

Keeping your ears clean is one of the most important things you can do to ensure good ear health while using your hearing pods. Learning to do this will save you time, money and the inconvenience of having to visit an audiologist or medical doctor to have this done regularly. If you are a new hearing pod user, you probably aren’t used to cleaning your ears so frequently. Think of it like brushing and flossing your teeth: it’s a healthy habit with a big payoff!

Caring for your hearing pods

What are ear tips?

The ear tips prevent earwax from reaching and damaging the speakers, and ensure that the speaker is soft and snug in your ears.

When do I need to change my ear tips?

We recommend changing your ear tips if there is ear wax in the ear tip that is hard to remove. Everyone is different, and we’ve all had to learn when it’s time to swap out the old ear tips for new ones. 

Tips from our Concha team members who wear hearing pods: 

  • If you notice that you are unable to hear clearly despite a new battery, it might be time to change your ear tip.
  • If your ear tips are yellow or discolored, have wax build up, are misshapen, or are ripped, change them out.
How do I change my ear tips?

The easiest way to change your ear tips is to hold onto the speaker. Next, imagine that the ear tip is a mushroom (yes, really!). With your fingertips pinch the stem of the mushroom and wiggle the ear tip off the speaker. Discard the used ear tip. 

To put an ear tip on the speaker, line up the base of the ear tip with the speaker, and put the ear tip on the speaker. Ensure that the ear tip is snug by pushing the ear tip firmly onto the speaker. 

A tip from our Concha team members who wear hearing pods: 

  • Once you remove the ear tip, be sure to inspect the wax filter, and change it if needed! The wax filter is easier to see with the ear tip off.
What are wax filters?

Wax filters are tiny inserts with small holes that are designed to prevent the ear wax from entering and damaging the speaker. Wax filters are important because excessive ear wax is one of the leading reasons for hearing pod damage

When do I need to change my wax filters?

Change your wax filters as soon as there is earwax in the wax filter that is hard to remove. Everyone has different amounts of wax in their ear canals, and as you become familiar with your hearing pods and how to care for them, you’ll naturally figure out what the right interval is for you.

A tip from our Concha team members who wear hearing pods: 

  • If you notice that you are unable to hear clearly despite a new battery and new ear tip, it might be time to change your wax filter.
How to change wax filters?

Grab a new wax filter stick—the tapered/pointy side of the stick is used to remove the old wax filter, and the thicker side of the stick contains a new wax filter on it.

Ensure that the ear tip is off. Firmly hold onto the speaker. Insert the pointy side of the stick into the old wax filter. You will notice that the old wax filter attaches to the stick. Pull the stick out of the speaker and immediately discard the old wax filter. 

Rotate the wax filter stick, until you see the thick side of the stick that contains a new wax filter on it. Insert the new wax filter into the speaker. Ensure that the wax filter is flush with the edges and snugly fit in the speaker.


What is a tail piece?

The tail piece is a thin piece of plastic that you  can connect to the speaker of your hearing pods. The tail piece is optional, as everyone’s ear shapes and sizes are different. The tail piece will sit in the curve of your ear and assure that the speaker is snug and secure.

How do I insert the tail piece to the hearing pod?

There is a hole at the base of the speaker. Hold the speaker firmly, and loop the tail piece through the hole, away from the speaker wire. Ensure that the tail piece is flush and secure.

How do I take the tail piece off of the hearing pod?

Hold the speaker firmly. Grip the tail piece, and push it towards the direction of the speaker wire, to gently slide the tail piece out of the hole.

How do I put on the hearing pod with the tail piece?

Put the speaker in the ear canal, and wrap the hearing pod around the ear as usual. Tuck in the tail piece in the bowl of your ear. The tail piece will eventually form to the shape of your ear, ensuring a comfortable fit. 

A tip from our Concha team members who wear hearing pods: 

  • If your hearing pod feels like it is moving around a lot inside your ear, give the tail piece a try! We all have different ear shapes and sizes and sometimes this is the difference between an okay fit and a great fit! Remember it will shape to your ear over time.