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Meet Concha Labs

We’ve been hard at work developing the next generation of personalized hearing help. We believe that everyone deserves the right to enjoy the richness in conversations and sounds at a fair price, which is what we are working on to bring our users.

Why did we create Concha Labs?

Amy Li’s  hearing journey started in kindergarten, when her teacher told her parents that she didn’t respond when the teacher called her name.

For a long time, she didn’t wear her hearing aids; both the stigma around hearing loss and the excruciating process of finding a product that worked for her felt never ending.

Eventually, she opened up to others about her problems navigating hearing loss, and learned that she wasn’t alone. She vowed to change how hearing loss is seen and wanted to create more options for people to hear more clearly.

Today, she is the CEO and Founder of Concha Labs.

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What’s next?

Our goal is to launch a top-notch OTC hearing aid with hearing personalization technology (which is called Soundscope®) to help people like you –and us!– hear more clearly.

  • Concha Labs Team PhotoMade for users, by usersOne third of our team has hearing loss, including the Founder and CEO of Concha Labs. We are building a product to help you, and to help ourselves.
  • Award winnersAward Winning TechnologyDuring our journey, Concha Labs has won awards from the National Science Foundation, AARP AgeTech Collaborative, Digital Health Hub Foundation, and UCSF Rosenman Institute.
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The Concha difference

Our hearing personalization technology called Soundscope® will allow for true personalization. You will be able to adjust your own settings based on how you hear, no matter where you are.

We will offer:

  • Hand shake iconWe will be here for you every step of the way providing compassionate and effective customer care.
  • Pricing iconOur pricing will be a fraction of the cost of a traditional hearing solution.
  • Accessories iconWe will ship batteries, ear tips, and information to make hearing aid maintenance easier.

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Personalize your hearing, from sounds to style

Our low-profile hearing aids will come in four different colors and will be designed to blend with your hair color or skin tone. Hearing Aid Colors, Brown, Beige, Gray, Black
  • Hearing aid iconNearly invisible hearing aidsOur hearing aids are lightweight, weighing only .2 ounces.
  • Phone iconPersonalize your hearingWith our Soundscope® app, you will be able to personalize your hearing preferences by creating sound profiles anywhere, straight from your iPhone.