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Born from user testing, our modern approach enables personalization of your hearing profile at home.

What are people saying about Concha Labs?

  • It’s confusing for people to navigate hearing solutions. Traditional solutions are expensive and time consuming, and many online options are of poor quality. Concha Labs has a novel, high-quality, refreshing approach that is able to arrive at individual users’ hearing preferences and be direct to consumers. It’s really hard to do both, and I’m impressed with their approach.

    Austin Swanson, AuD Lead Adult Audiologist, Stanford
  • A few years ago I developed hearing loss and struggled greatly with the hearing aids I used. I was told my hearing loss does not fit the profile for standard amplification and the benefit of hearing aids could only be marginal. I just tried your sound profiler. It’s awesome how in the yellow I can hear every word loud and clear. The background noise seems separate from the spoken word and does not interfere with hearing what is said.

    Rike Concha Labs Hearing Pod User
  • I am enjoying the pods so much already. Amazing what sounds I was not hearing before.

    S.H. Atlanta, GA
We focus on empowering you to hear everything clearly We built technology that can empower you to reach your optimal level of hearing clarity.

Based on improving perception of speech

Our AI methodology carefully curates sentences based on the frequencies of phonemes (consonants and vowels). It then surfaces the most relevant options for you to choose from, efficiently creating reliable settings that allow you to understand every part of every sentence in your conversations.

Hearing Pod Image

Asking the right questions, by users for users

Our team members wear the technology every day. Like how the Inuit people have 50 words for snow, we have 50 words for volume. Every person’s hearing is unique across different frequencies, volume, and other factors. We use a nearly unlimited variety of combinations to personalize your unique sound profile.

Using real sounds and human language

Rustling of leaves, ticking of the clock, are sounds you want to hear clearly too, even as you are hearing someone talk, because that’s what happens in the real world. Only you know how you prefer to hear so that every piece of sound and language is crystal clear.

We’re also bringing you the sleekest hearing pod out there. To house our patented software, we’ve partnered with some of the top tier manufacturers in the world to bring you high quality at a lower price.
  • Unsurpassed sound experience 10 kHz HD Sound
  • Real time hearing output 5 ms signal speed
  • Precise pre-calculation Up to 18 channels