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We’re on a mission to help billions of people hear clearly, live freely

Hearing technology clinically-proven to significantly improve speech-in-noise recognition relative to standard audiological practice

Finding a hearing solution that actually works for your hearing loss can feel like a waste of time and money

From scheduling an appointment to have your hearing tested to attending several follow-up appointments to get your hearing aids adjusted, all in hopes of finally being able to hear clearly.

And even after spending hours upon hours and thousands of dollars to get a pair of hearing aids, you still can’t hear the conversations that are happening around you — at work, at home, or even out at your favorite restaurant.

It’s no wonder that most people don’t bother making that next appointment to try again after they’ve already invested so much in the process of finding a hearing solution that works for them.

At Concha Labs, we know how exhausting this journey can be, but we also know it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Before starting Concha Labs, we asked hundreds of people why they felt dissatisfied with their hearing solution, and the data pointed to one critical problem: the lack of personalization. With this information, we felt empowered to create our own hearing personalization technology, which is how Soundscope® was born.

Soundscope® makes it easier to personalize your hearing

The science behind it: Soundscope® offers a unique self-fitting process that optimizes speech intelligibility

How can Soundscope® save you time and money?

Rather than schedule appointments to adjust your hearing settings, you can do it yourself, right from your phone. No more waiting for an appointment to make changes.

How it works:

Soundscope® will guide you through a series of sound prompts, where you provide feedback on how loud a sound prompt is and how clear it sounds. Then, Soundscope® will use your hearing preferences and optimize sound profiles based on your responses.

You can continue to personalize your hearing experience by creating different sound profiles for different environments, like workspaces or restaurants. This will give you the power to hear clearly, live freely, no matter where you are!

Use Soundscope® with our Concha SolTM Hearing Aids

  • Nearly invisible design offered in multiple colors (to match your hair and skin tone)
  • Concha Labs App pairing so you can change settings and create sound profiles using our Soundscope® technology right from your phone for incredible hearing personalization
  • Bluetooth enabled for clear phone calls and enjoyable streaming experiences
  • Average battery life of 5-7 days
  • Two year warranty included
  • 60-day money back guarantee

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The Why behind Concha Labs with our CEO, Amy Li

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