Let’s customize your hearing with SoundscopeTM

Create your customized sound profile to see if our patented technology is a good fit for your hearing type
Start your hearing journey in five minutes
  • Person with Laptop Take Soundscope™ Try our patented technology from your phone or computer, for free.
  • Small Laptop with Soundscope on Screen Receive results Learn more about whether our product can help you hear more clearly.
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In just a few minutes, you’ll have a good idea whether our technology can work for you.
  • Only five minutes to get your hearing results
  • Take SoundscopeTM anywhere with your earbuds or headphones
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Laptop with Soundscope Comparison Test

What to expect from SoundscopeTM

Quiet Thresholds The limits where you can barely hear is one type of input we use to help customize how you experience sounds and speech. Comfortable Listening Level Here we start personalizing the way you like to hear sounds. We use this data to set a comfortable listening level for you. Comparison Test The Comparison Test fine tunes how sounds and conversations sound to you by trying actual sound profiles.

Why take SoundscopeTM?

  • Small Laptop Patented technology Patented and sponsored by the US National Science Foundation.
  • Hearing pod packaging Personalized hearing AI-based personalization technology that personalizes your sound profile, in 5 minutes per ear.
  • Person wearing hearing pods Many sound profiles Create many sound profiles on the app to suit your individual needs, across different environments and to ensure optimal hearing clarity.
  • Person wearing hearing pods Affordable & accessible You’ll save time and money by having the ability to change your hearing preferences without any appointments.

Here’s to a world where we can hear more clearly, easily

As users ourselves, we were tired of long tests, poor results, and hearing settings that were not personalized to us. So we made this process as easy and risk-free for you as possible, including a 60-day, no-questions-asked gurantee.
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