A hearing solution by users, for users

No more copays, no more appointments

Experience SoundscopeTM

Our patented AI technology is what sets us apart from other products on the market.

The contents of your Concha Box

Your Concha Box includes your hearing pods, the case, ear tips, wax filters, ear plugs (for Soundscope), batteries, and instructions to download our mobile app. Your membership will include automatic quarterly shipments of batteries, wax fiters, and ear tips.
  • Concha hearing pods
  • Accessories
  • Subscription to mobile app
  • Quarterly replacements
  • No more appointments
Person holding phone with app

How it works

From your home Your hearing pods will be delivered straight to your home, for free. You can adjust your own hearing settings. No more appointments and copays. Membership 90 day free trial! Memberships include unlimited hearing profiles, and quarterly shipments of ear tips, batteries, and wax filters. Customer care We have a dedicated customer care team who are here to help. Reach out to us at care@conchalabs.com.

Hearing pods that work

Nearly invisible and in four different colors. For you. Hearing Pod Colors, Brown, Beige, Gray, Black

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If you join our waitlist, you will have first access to our product at the lowest possible price upon launch.