Quick start guide

App set up

  1. Open up the Beta email we sent you
  2. Click on the link to download the app
  3. Download and install the Concha Labs app
  4. Open the app
  5. Create an account
     • Accept terms and conditions
  6. Open your email app, click on verification email, and verify your email address
  7. Go back to the Concha app and log in
     • Allow notifications

Hearing pod set up

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your phone
  2. Insert battery into your hearing pod
     • Open the battery door
     • Drop the bumpy side of the battery into the circle
     • Close the battery door
  3. Open the Concha Labs app
  4. Head to “Pairing” by swiping left on the home screen, or selecting “Pairing” on the bottom navigation bar
  5. Select the hearing pod with the battery in it (Left or Right)
  6. Follow instructions to pair

Taking Soundscope

  1. Go to the “Soundscope” tab by swiping right, or clicking on the bottom navigation bar
  2. Begin Soundscope!
  3. At the end of Soundscope, press the “Disconnect” button
  4. Remove battery
  5. Repeat process for the other hearing pod, from “Hearing pod set up”

Finish and hear clearly

  1. At the end of Soundscope, press the “Disconnect” button
  2. Ensure battery is in both hearing pods
  3. Put on both hearing pods
  4. Enjoy hearing clearly!

Ear wellness

Ear tips

What are ear tips?

The ear tips prevent earwax from reaching and damaging the speakers, and ensure that the speaker is soft and snug in your ears.

When do I need to change my ear tips?

We recommend changing your ear tips if there is ear wax in the ear tip that is hard to remove. Everyone is different, and we’ve all had to learn when it’s time to swap out the old ear tips for new ones.

Tips from our Concha team members who wear hearing pods:

  • If you notice that you are unable to hear clearly despite a new battery, it might be time to change your ear tip.
  • If your ear tips are yellow or discolored, have wax build up, are misshapen, or are ripped, change them out.

How do I change my ear tips?

The easiest way to change your ear tips is to hold onto the speaker. Next, imagine that the ear tip is a mushroom (yes, really!). With your fingertips pinch the stem of the mushroom and wiggle the ear tip off the speaker. Discard the used ear tip.

To put an ear tip on the speaker, line up the base of the ear tip with the speaker, and put the ear tip on the speaker. Ensure that the ear tip is snug by pushing the ear tip firmly onto the speaker.

A tip from our Concha team members who wear hearing pods:

  • Once you remove the ear tip, be sure to inspect the wax filter, and change it if needed! The wax filter is easier to see with the ear tip off.

Wax filters

What are wax filters?

Wax filters are tiny inserts with small holes that are designed to prevent the ear wax from entering and damaging the speaker. Wax filters are important because excessive ear wax is one of the leading reasons for hearing pod damage.

When do I need to change my wax filters?

Change your wax filters as soon as there is earwax in the wax filter that is hard to remove. Everyone has different amounts of wax in their ear canals, and as you become familiar with your hearing pods and how to care for them, you’ll naturally figure out what the right interval is for you.

Tips from our Concha team members who wear hearing pods:

  • If you notice that you are unable to hear clearly despite a new battery and new ear tip, it might be time to change your wax filter.

Tail piece

What is a tail piece?

The tail piece is a thin piece of plastic that you can connect to the speaker of your hearing pods. The tail piece is optional, as everyone’s ear shapes and sizes are different. The tail piece will sit in the curve of your ear and assure that the speaker is snug and secure.

How do I insert the tail piece to the hearing pod?

There is a hole at the base of the speaker. Hold the speaker firmly, and loop the tail piece through the hole, away from the speaker wire. Ensure that the tail piece is flush and secure.

How do I take the tail piece off of the hearing pod?

Hold the speaker firmly. Grip the tail piece, and push it towards the direction of the speaker wire, to gently slide the tail piece out of the hole.

How do I put on the hearing pod with the tail piece?

Put the speaker in the ear canal, and wrap the hearing pod around the ear as usual. Tuck in the tail piece in the bowl of your ear. The tail piece will eventually form to the shape of your ear, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Tips from our Concha team members who wear hearing pods:

  • If your hearing pod feels like it is moving around a lot inside your ear, give the tail piece a try! We all have different ear shapes and sizes and sometimes this is the difference between an okay fit and a great fit! Remember it will shape to your ear over time.


Having trouble with your hearing pods connecting via bluetooth? Here are some things to try! . If these solutions do not work, please email us at hello@conchalabs.com and we will help you figure it out!

1. Replace battery

If the battery of the hearing pods is very low, bluetooth connectivity will automatically be disabled. Please replace your battery to see if bluetooth connectivity is better.

2. Power cycle your hearing pod

Open the battery door, wait a few seconds and close the battery door on the hearing pod. This will restart the hearing pod and reset the built in bluetooth radio.

3. Turn bluetooth on and off

Please disable bluetooth, wait a few seconds, and re-enable bluetooth. If this does not work, then restart your phone.

4. Disable other bluetooth devices

Bluetooth is a wireless communications protocol and other nearby bluetooth or other wireless devices can interfere or limit the range of connecting to the hearing pods. Bring the hearing pod closer to the phone, and disable other nearby bluetooth devices.